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74 clips

Express yourself with the lines from Pink the super talented forever rockstar.
No need for video editing, you just text the words into your VixT app and it will do the rest.
VixT automatically converts your text into epic video montages (mashups) in seconds.
If you don’t have the app don’t worry it’s free to download from the App store or from Google Play.
You can login to the app with the same email and password that used here for registration.

Just text and press play!
When you type words into your VixT app our technology analyses thousands of videos hosted in our library to generate a video montage.

Activating the “P!NK” theme you are telling the algorithm that your first choice for video-words are from this particular collection.
If your text includes words that are missing from the “P!NK” theme the app will fill the space with videos from other active themes, or with clips that you recorded.
This theme is a constantly growing collection.